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SmokeBlastâ„¢ for Fire Simulator Smoke Machines

The SmokeBlast Nitrogen Generating System is designed for fire department training exercises and fire simulation scenarios requiring a Nitrogen feed for smoke production. Smoke machines for fire department training purposes require a steady stream of Nitrogen gas. The SmokeBlast can supply low pressure N2 gas at a flow rate that's the same as a high pressure cylinder - with better safety, convenience, and reliability. It's a compact system that's easy to install and is environmentally friendly.

Nitrogen Based Smoke Machines for Fire Simulation

Using a Nitrogen based smoke machine is necessary for professional fire department training simulations. But high-pressure liquid Nitrogen must be handled with extreme care and can be difficult to manage in large quantities, requiring increased safety measures. It also means making sure you have regularly scheduled deliveries of liquid N2 gas being delivered to your facility and then storing the extra tanks until ready for use.

The SmokeBlast unit has an internal Nitrogen Generator that produces high purity N2 gas on demand at the same rate as with a high pressure cylinder. This results in greater safety and convenience compared to a high-pressure liquid Nitrogen source. It also proves to be more cost effective than liquid nitrogen due to savings on repeated gas deliveries. With a SmokeBlast Nitrogen Generating System, you'll never have to order liquid N2 tanks from a gas company again.

Download the complete SmokeBlast Brochure.

Benefits of the SmokeBlast Nitrogen Generating System

  • Safe - Nitrogen is a clean, dry, non-flammable, inert gas used with smoke machines in fire department training drills. The SmokeBlast unit generates N2 gas from the air without the need for handling high-pressure liquid gas tanks.
  • Reliable - With a SmokeBlast unit, you won't have to worry about running out of N2 gas to fuel your smoke machine during a fire department training exercise. You also won't have to worry about changing out high-pressure Nitrogen cylinders during fire training.
  • Cost Effective - Since the SmokeBlast uses a simple process to generate N2 gas from the air around us, you only need to make the initial investment and then stop paying for constant Nitrogen gas deliveries that may also include fuel surcharge, delivery, and yearly rental fees for as long as you need Nitrogen.
  • Compact - The SmokeBlast unit is compact and uses minimal space, mounted to a wall or to the Nitrogen storage tank.
  • Quiet - The SmokeBlast unit runs quiet.
  • Easy Installation - Installation requires only a connection to a compressed air line (compressor is an available option) and in turn the SmokeBlast can be connected directly to the Nitrogen storage tank or a wall.
  • Environmentally Friendly - When not producing Nitrogen, the system does not consume compressed air and therefore saves energy and is environmentally friendly.
  • System Integrity - The SmokeBlast has three stages of high efficiency pre-filtration, ensuring system integrity throughout the life of the unit.

SmokeBlast Teams with FireBlast 451

SmokeBlast has partnered with FireBlast 451 to provide Nitrogen generating equipment for fire training smoke machines. FireBlast 451 produces live fire training simulators, props, and systems and is one of the leading mobile live fire training trailer manufacturers. Their products are built by firefighters for firefighters.

Smoke machines are seamlessly integrated into the FireBlast 451 product line and they have chosen the SmokeBlast as their top choice for generating the Nitrogen necessary for creating smoke. We are proud to be affiliated with such an esteemed and trusted organization in the realm of firefighters and live fire training. Please visit for more information about their company and their products.

Contact us today to learn more about how the SmokeBlast can increase productivity and reliability when running training simulations!

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