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N2-GENĀ® LPS - Layup Protection System

The N2-GEN LPS - Layup Protection System is designed specifically for corrosion protection of inner walls of power plant boiler tubes, condensers, and wetted parts. The system uses high purity Nitrogen gas to absorb moisture, prevent formation of ice blockages, and prevent oxidation by resisting the corrosion reaction.

Nitrogen Gas for Power Plant Layup Protection

South-Tek Systems' Layup Protection System is capable of producing 99.6%+ pure Nitrogen gas using internal Nitrogen Generation technology in order to protect your boiler's wetted parts from corrosion during short or long term layups.

Boiler Manufacturers have recommended 99.6% Nitrogen gas purity for this corrosion inhibiting application, hence South-Tek has designed their LPS line to meet those specifications. Should a higher or lower N2 purity be desired for your application, please contact us to inquire about our systems that can produce from 95% on up to 99.999% N2 purity for numerous industrial applications.

N2-GEN LPS System Components

Each Layup Protection System is a completed fully designed system which includes the following components:

  • LPS Nitrogen Generator
  • Feed Air Compressor
  • Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • Pre-treatment Air Filtration Package
  • Nitrogen Storage Tank


For more information and complete product specifications, please download the N2-GEN LPS - Layup Protection System PDF.

For an overview of the Power Industry, please visit Power Overview.

To learn more about the N2-GEN LPS - Layup Protection System, please contact South-Tek Systems today: 888-526-6284

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