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NEWS: N2-Blast® Receives Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award from the 2014 NACE Conference

The N2-Blast - Corrosion Inhibiting System from South-Tek Systems was the recipient of the distinguished Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award in the Materials Design category at the 2014 NACE conference.

NACE International (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) is the global leader in developing corrosion prevention and control standards, certification and education. An expert panel of engineers reviewed corrosion prevention technologies from companies around the world and selected the N2-Blast for its ground breaking advances in the design of Nitrogen Generation Systems.

The N2-Blast received the top ranking in the Materials Design category due to its ease of integration and improved effectiveness in corrosion control over other solutions. State-of-the-art configurations such as the N2-Blast with PowerSaver Manifold™ Technology, allow the user to remotely monitor Nitrogen purity levels throughout the sprinkler piping in their facilities, providing assurance that their assets are protected with 98%+ Nitrogen purity.

We are honored that our product was chosen for this competitive and highly sought after award. Learn more about how the N2-Blast works to inhibit sprinkler pipe corrosion and find out more about our N2-Blast engineered solutions.

We invite you to contact South-Tek Systems with any inquiries pertaining to our Nitrogen Generation Technology for corrosion prevention solutions: 888-526-6284.

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