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N2-GENĀ® CS Series Nitrogen Generator

Make your own Nitrogen with the N2-GEN CS Series and never wait for a delivery again.

Buying Nitrogen from a gas supplier can be costly - in both time and money. Investing in your own source of high purity nitrogen on-demand can add considerable value to your operation. With the N2-GEN CS Series Nitrogen Generator, you'll never have to worry about temporary hold-ups due to an interruption in Nitrogen supply!

About the N2-GEN CS Series Nitrogen Generator

Like the other N2-GEN Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek Systems, the CS Series uses a Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) designed system specifically for high purity Nitrogen applications.

The CS Series has the capability of generating Nitrogen with purities up to 99.9995% - which is the optimal level for a wide range of applications. From modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to pharmacuetical manufacturing to printing and beyond, using high purity nitrogen can greatly improve your business or industry's performance.

Product Specifications for the N2-GEN CS Series of Nitrogen Generators

Flow rates above are examples only; we will design your system to your required flow rate and purity using our Performance Verification System.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek Systems

  • N2 purity and flow rates can be modified for your application.
  • Generate your own nitrogen on-site and reduce your nitrogen costs by up to 90%!
  • Optical Air Purge Kit available
  • Made in the USA.



To learn more about the N2-GEN CS Series Nitrogen Generator, please contact South-Tek Systems today: 888-526-6284

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