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Benefits - N2-GEN® Series PSA Nitrogen Generators

PSA N2-GEN Series | Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen (N2) Gas Facts

  • At temperatures above -320°F, stored liquid Nitrogen starts to boil, reverting to a gaseous state and venting off, so a signficant amount of the gas you pay for evaporates and is lost into the air.
  • Currently customers pay the gas company .35 cents to over $1.00 per CCF or Gallon, even for the product lost to evaporation
  • Additional costs from the gas company may include tank rental, gas surcharges, hazmat charge, low volume surcharges, labor and delivery charge
  • Typical gas contracts lock customers in for 5 to 7 years with almost guaranteed price increase at the end of the contract
Benefits of PSA Nitrogen Generation
  • PSA Nitrogen Generators allow you to produce N2 for 3 to 8 cents per CCF or Gallon, up to a 90% saving over liquid.. No missed deliveries, escalating cost or contracts to sign
  • Fast ROI: systems average 6 to 20 months
  • Systems life expectancy of over 20 years
  • Fully automatic: production begins when demand downstream is sensed
South Tek Systems’ PSA Technology
  • The air contains 79% nitrogen; our systems simply remove the other gases, concentrating the N2 into a storage tank for your process usage
  • Clean, dry compressed air enters one of the two adsorption vessels, containing a carbon molecular sieve or CMS. Smaller Oxygen molecules attach themselves to the carbon, allowing the larger nitrogen molecules to pass through and into a storage tank
  • Upon saturation, the first adsorption vessel releases the oxygen while the second adsorption vessel starts the process again
  • Systems can be designed for purity ranges from 95% to 99.999%
  • Learn more about our PSA technology
Applications The N2-GEN Series PSA Nitrogen Generators can be used for a wide range of applications including, but not limited, to the following:
Aircraft Atmosphere Blanketing Beverage
Bio-Fuels Brazing Burst Testing
Cell Incubators Chemical Dry Boxes
Electronics Fertility Labs Food Processing
Food Storage Heat Treating IVF Applications
Laboratory Laser Cutting Mass Spectrometers
Medical Military Oil Industries and Platforms
Optics Packaging Pharmaceutical
Plastic Extrusion Power Plants Semiconductors
Silo Purging Snack Food Valve Testing
Water Treatment Wave Soldering Wine Bottling

Get more info and details about our Industrial Applications and the N2-GEN® Series Nitrogen Generating Systems.

Download N2GEN PSA Benefits PDF.

Download ROI with Nitrogen Generation PDF.

Please contact South-Tek Systems with any questions regarding the benefits of our PSA Nitrogen Generator Series: 888-526-6284.

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