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Industry Overview: Fire Protection Systems

Discover the Industry Leading Solutions for Inhibiting Sprinkler Pipe Corrosion

DRY/PRE-ACTION SYSTEMS               WET SYSTEMS            

Sprinkler pipe corrosion is a serious threat for organizations that rely on dry, pre-action and wet sprinkler systems to protect their facilities. Internal corrosion, resulting in the formation of localized pinholes, leads to costly damage from leaks and catastrophic losses when compromised sprinkler systems are rendered inoperable during a fire. At South-Tek Systems, we understand the science behind corrosion and have always been committed to ongoing testing, having provided the Fire Protection Industry with the first and longest running corrosion study of sprinkler piping exposed to both compressed air and nitrogen. And we not only advise on corrosion, but we manufacture the most efficient and cost effective engineered corrosion solutions on the market.

Dry and Pre-action System Solutions

Traditionally, compressed air was utilized as the source for maintaining supervisory pressure within dry and pre-action sprinkler systems. But due to the constant presence of oxygen in the compressed air, any part of the system containing residual water left behind from hydrotesting, flow testing, or condensate accumulation from the supervisory air source, is vulnerable to electrochemical corrosion.

South-Tek Systems designs and manufactures the N2-Blast® - Corrosion Inhibiting System, which effectively arrests electrochemical, galvanic and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) by introducing up to 99.9995% pure nitrogen into the dry or pre-action sprinkler system. The N2-Blast also prevents ice plugs by ensuring a -40F to -70F dew point within the sprinkler system. As high purity nitrogen enters the sprinkler piping, corrosive oxygen and moisture are displaced through the N2-Blast - AutoPurge System™. And for facilities that require the most comprehensive engineered corrosion solutions, including alarm system integration, purity and data logging, as well as remote monitoring capabilities, South-Tek offers the Patent Pending line of Quick-Check® - Data Acquisition Systems.

Wet System Solutions

Under the law of simple physics, air migrates through wet sprinkler piping to the highest points of the system, where it accumulates in pockets under compression due to the water pressure in the system. The oxygen within the trapped air pockets drives the corrosion of the sprinkler pipe at the air-water interface. Another factor is the freshly oxygenated water that fills the system. Not only does the dissolved oxygen in the fill water react to form a layer of corrosive black magnetite along the interior pipe wall, but it outgases from the water into the trapped air pockets, contributing to the corrosion process at the air-water interface as well.

South-Tek Systems’ full suite of wet sprinkler system solutions offers the right level of protection for any facility. The N2-Blast - O2 Release Vent provides baseline defense by helping to eliminate the corrosive air-water interface along the high points of the sprinkler pipe network. For proactive defense, we recommend combining the O2 Release Vent(s) with the N2-Blast® - AutoInert System™, the industry’s only automated wet pipe nitrogen inerting process that is proven to effectively displace up to 99.5% of oxygen from the wet sprinkler system. And finally, the Patent Pending N2-Blast - DeOx System™ utilizes the most advanced corrosion inhibiting technology in the world. DeOx™ technology not only employs the AutoInert System to preinert with ultra-high purity nitrogen, but removes the dissolved oxygen and filters the harmful bacteria from the fill water prior to it entering the wet sprinkler piping.

Our solutions have successfully inhibited corrosion and maximized the customer’s sprinkler pipe service life in more than 7,500 Fire Protection Systems worldwide. Contact South-Tek Systems today at 888.526.6284 to learn how your troubled sprinkler systems can be rejuvenated at minimal cost and preserved with N2-Blast technology.

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