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BlastOff™ - Leak Detection System

The Patent Pending BlastOff - Leak Detection System is provided exclusively with South-Tek Systems' Nitrogen Generation Systems. Engineered to detect leaks within the external environment of the applied application, this audible run-time alarm will alert when the Nitrogen Generation System runs excessively to compensate for these leaks. This exclusive feature is only available on systems engineered by South-Tek Systems.

Fire Protection/N2-Blast® Applications

Unless the leak rate is catastrophic, the supervisory low pressure alarm on the FPS will not activate. Minor leaks cause the air compressor and N2-Blast to run excessively in order to maintain supervisory pressure. This unnecessary additional run-time decreases the lifespan of the equipment. The BlastOff - Leak Detection System is designed to detect significant leaks before they compromise the FPS and the Nitrogen Generation System. It has an internal audible alarm and dry contact for wiring into the Building Monitoring System (BMS) and will also alarm if the air compressor or the N2-Blast® is not working properly.

Restaurant and Bar/BeerBlast™ Applications

The BlastOff - Leak Detection System is designed to detect line leaks within the downstream gas lines from the BeerBlast to the kegs. Line leaks could be due to a keg not being tapped correctly, a beer gas line failing, regulator malfunction, etc. These leaks are potential safety hazards since harmful and deadly gasses can quickly accumulate in the keg cooler. These gases are odorless and unknowingly can lead to suffocation. Not only can leaks be a tremendous liability but they also deplete the gas powering you draft beer system and lead to costly gas run-outs which result in revenue loss for your restaurant/pub. With the BlastOff warning mechanism, it eliminates any downtime by notification of a leak when it occurs.

Once a leak has been detected, the BlastOff is set to initiate a buzzer, activate a warning light and shut off the BeerBlast. The instructions on the front of the BeerBlast recommend calling our 24/7 customer support number or contacting your local gas company to locate the leak. There will be no downtime since all one has to do is simply turn off the power switch and turn it back on. The BeerBlast will be up and running once again until the leak in your draft beer system can be properly diagnosed. Save money, time, aggravation, decrease your liability and also protect your BeerBlast from excessive runtime due to either a catastrophic or pinhole leak downstream!

Contact us today to learn more about Leak Detection Systems for the Nitrogen Generation Systems from South-Tek.

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