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Nitrogen Generators - GSA Advantage

South-Tek Systems is an official GSA vendor for Nitrogen Gas Generators. The U.S. General Services Agency (GSA) provides approved products and services to federal employees and agencies worldwide. The South-Tek Systems N2 Series Nitrogen Generators are approved, accepted, and available through the Federal Government GSA program.

South-Tek Systems is proud to be made in the USA and a GSA contract holder since 2005. Our products are listed on GSA advantage (search for "South-Tek Systems") and qualify for small business set asides. We have provided Nitrogen solutions for the USMC, ARMY, USAF and USDA applications.

With systems in place around the world, South-TekSystems has your Nitrogen Solution.

N2 GEN Series

Compact membrane and PSA systems with built-in compressors, for applications with flow rates of .5 to 45 CFH

N2 GEN4 Technology Overview

A presentation of the N2 GEN4 system, used in a variety of applications, that includes key attributes of the system and examples of current configurations in the field.

N2 T Series

Tank mounted PSA systems, for applications from 2 to 375 CFH and purities from 95% to 99.9995%.

N2 Cabinet Series

Cabinet membrane and PSA systems, for application with flow rates from 10 to 2,500 CFH and purities of 95% - 99.9995%.

N2 S Series

Skid mounted PSA systems, for applications with flow rates from 345 to 75,000 CFH and purities from 95% to 99.9995%.

N2 HP Series

High Pressure systems, for application with pressure requirements from 200 to 6,000 psi.

N2 LPU Series

Large portable systems, for applications with flow rates from 1,000 to 300,000 CFH.

N2 GEN Booster Series

Complete Nitrogen generator and Booster system within a single cabinet, for application requiring high pressure nitrogen or "K" cylinder filling station.

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